About Us

Salinas is the brain-child of three passionate foodies.  Two of the partners are well-known characters on the Garden Route and own the highly-popular Pomodoro’ s restaurant in Wilderness village: Claudio and Werner.  The third and managing partner, Massimo Mariotti, brings over 25 years’ experience in food & beverage, hotel management and restauranteering to the table.

Salina’s Beach Restaurant was custom-built, in a sensitive dune area without damaging the protected Milkwood trees, and staying true to the ecological sensitivity of the site.  A feat not without its challenges, but a testament to the determination, commitment and passion of the Salina’s trio.

Salina’s has a passenger lift – a bonus for handicapped persons wishing to enjoy the vista of a beautiful sunset over Wilderness Beach.

Salina's Beach Restaurant

Welcome to Salina’s Beach Restaurant

Although construction only completed towards the end of 2011, Salina’s Beach Restaurant has fully settled into the neighbourhood – and is already recognised as a landmark on the Wilderness shoreline.

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